The Love Remains

By James Chambless (AKA Old Hat)
I took a cute photo of my grandchildren one evening this week. Let’s face it. Every photo of grandchildren is cute! But this one was kind of super cute. That next morning, I had a little free time at work and so I decided to share the joy. Joy is for sharing. I texted it to my bride, of course. Then to the mommy and daddy of the cute kids. Then I sent it to my mom. I got busy after that. Then a bit later I pulled out my phone because it occurred to me that my Daddy would love it, too. And he would, of course. I can’t send it to him though.

I had to walk outside and wipe the “sweat” from my eyes and gather myself back up. I know you know that feeling. Wanting to tell him something, show him something, share something. You get kind of used to not having your daddy here to ask questions. You sort of become accustomed to knowing you can’t ask his advice. I have yet to adapt to not being able to share something with him though. And it has been 41 long years since he left this life for the next one. And he never owned a cell phone because they weren’t a thing back then. And for a while I thought that might mean I wasn’t healing right from this loss. But after a couple of decades, I decided I wasn’t crazy.

I have come to the conclusion that what this is, this strong desire to share things with my daddy even though he is gone from me, is a proof of what Paul the Apostle said… “now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” In those moments of strong emotions when you want to simply share the moment or the news or the joy with your loved one who has passed on, that’s because the love remains. Maybe our loved ones can’t answer our questions about faith, maybe they can’t give us advice that brings us hope anymore, but the love remains. That’s why it is the greatest. Because it lasts forever. Our loved ones don’t need faith anymore. They can see it all now. Their hopes have been fulfilled now. This love though… they still feel that. Because love remains. Love is for eternity.

So, if maybe this is happening to you sometimes, you aren’t crazy or silly. You are not grieving wrong or too much or too hard. You just still have that heart full of love just for them and that makes you want to share the big emotions with them. That is a beautiful thing. I know it can be a painful thing, too, though. So, I just wanted to take a few lines here and let you know it is not just you. I am grateful that you can feel these big emotions. That is why you see the joys when they come along. That is why you want to share the joy you find. I am proud of you for loving so well. Know that you are loved with an everlasting love. Because love remains.


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  1. Terri Campbell says:

    Touching my heart from afar, thank you Old Hat

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