Tis the (Other) Season

Family Hunt - GrantBy Georgia Osten
My husband came down with “the crud” on the day we returned from our Christmas trip to North Carolina. It took me a whole week later to get it, he was recovering by then. The guys’ annual hunting trip took place last weekend along with my Girls’ Weekend. Seventeen guys took off to the Bandera area, we couldn’t wait to see the pics of who got the next deer from their evening and morning hunts. Grandson, Michael, age 7, got his first deer, grandson, Grant, age 17, got his second. This trip happens to always fall on Grant’s birthday, the bakers in the group always come with at least two cakes for Grant!

Family Hunt - Michael & Grant

On the homefront over here, Emma and her gang entertained the group with some pretty raucous games and fireworks. When Mom and bestie Mel arrived, the dinners out were welcomed, pile into an automobile and let’s go. Dinner out with the gang at Hardhead’s, breakfasts cooked here at home, basically because everyone woke too late to frequent any restaurants. Grandma did just fine keeping up, between naps of course.

Saturday, Emma had to take all her friends home, so the three of us Ladies decided to treat ourselves to Steve’s. We ended with a tour of The Villa, Mel’s gonna tie the knot again. She said we’re invited but we all know it’s much more than that…we come from a real “take over” type family. Just stand back Mel.

A great weekend, the guys came back with hunting stories galore. My husband also came back with a relapse of “the crud.” No problem, I have another bedroom I can go to, it’s pretty noisy in ours.

Ya’ll take care of each other, love each other and be kind – this can’t go on forever.

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