Barefoot Living, By B.


If I had it to do over…




…this is what I would choose…second choice would be repurposed floors.

With painted floors you could add a design or go solid.

Using one color is a lot easier.

Could you live with red?

Alrighty then, hope you were inspired! And I hope you had a blessed and beautiful Mother’s Day.

To everyone who doesn’t already know, I have a little shop Home by the Sea located at 2570 Hwy. 87 in Crystal Beach and Barefoot Living is lifestyle ideas written by me for the Crystal Beach Local News (who so graciously allow me to share these ideas).

B. w/Home by the Sea
2570 Hwy. 87
Crystal Beach, TX
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  1. Lesilie Walker says:

    I really enjoy reading your article each week. I visit Crystal Beach every summer. I look forward to this newsletter. It makes me feel like I back on the island.
    Thank you,
    Lesilie Walker
    Marietta, OK

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