Barefoot Living, By B.

Seascapes Revisited
My friend Casey Davis sent me a text of a seascape that his cousin found while shopping (Love how when they come across beach decor they think of me).



Back to my story. That got me to thinking about why I don’t see seascape art here? Below are some of my favorites.

In the living area

Skip the mirror

Above the bed

In the hallway

In the bath

On the porch

One I hope to own one day. Artist is Viktor Luzik.

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Crystal Beach, TX

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2 Responses to “Barefoot Living, By B.”

  1. Jody Domingue says:

    Hi B.. I am coming to Crystal in early March and I think I would like to meet with you… I am an artist with friends who live at the beach… I have unique beach art (sea creatures) and I am looking for a place to teach art classes to beach residents….I enjoy reading your newsletter and want to advertise in it as well…. please contact me at [email protected]… Thank You.. Jody

    • B. w/Home by the Sea says:

      Sounds like fun. Please stop by.

      They are currently looking for donations for the Frog Festival right now.


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