BPLF To Remove Her Crown

Get Ready Texans!
The Silhouette of the Gulf Coast is About to Change

The majestic Bolivar Point Lighthouse, the Queen of the ship channel since 1872, will have her “crown” removed…but hopefully not for too long. On May 15, 2023, her restoration will begin. Follow us on Facebook for updates on times and progress as we navigate weather and equipment. After several years of planning, assessments, and fundraising, the Bolivar Point Lighthouse Foundation begins Phase One of the restoration project – the removal of the top section of the Lighthouse tower. Fans of the Lighthouse may watch the disassembly safely from nearby Fort Travis (Galveston County Park) or watch on Bolivar Live.

Larry Irsik, Senior Principal, Architexas, Amy Maxwell Chase, Executive Director BPLF, and Mark Boyt, Board of Directors, BPLF. (Pictured left to right)

Door opening and brick on the last floor before the top.

George McMillan of McMillan Building Movers, a Port Bolivar company, will be overseeing the removal of the Architexas cupola, lantern room and watch room. As the top is dismantled, Larry Irsik and the team from Architexas, renowned historic preservation firm, will be cataloging every piece of material removed from the Lighthouse for future reuse and replication. All parts will be stored safely offsite until reconstruction begins.

This was shot from directly underneath the dome.

Tower exterior with Mark Boyt leaning out at top.

The Bolivar Point Lighthouse has withstood major hurricanes, housed refugees from the storms, and guided many a sailor safely into harbor, and her work has taken a toll on her structural integrity. One of the last remaining lighthouses of her kind, she is in dire need of restoration. The restoration of the Bolivar Point Lighthouse will be a lengthy process, one that could potentially be years in completion.

BPLF vision

Removing and cataloging these historic pieces is the Foundation’s first tangible step in the preservation of the Bolivar Point Lighthouse. The rest of her journey is dependent on support for the Bolivar Point Lighthouse Foundation and its mission to preserve this iconic piece of Gulf Coast history. By providing even a small donation, you can be part of the monumental effort to save the Bolivar Point Lighthouse.

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The BOLIVAR POINT LIGHTHOUSE FOUNDATION is a 501(c}(3) Texas based non-profit historic preservation organization dedicated to saving the 1872 Bolivar Point Lighthouse and sharing its legacy.


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