Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

Charlotte ByusBy Charlotte Byus
This past weekend starting with Friday all the way through Sunday was “Let’s Help Old People.” It started with Rene’ helping Josh’s grandparents. Josh’s Dad died when Josh was only one year old but Rene’ kept in touch with the grandparents all these years. Jon, Josh’s younger brother, is considered one of the grandsons. Rene’ is not only helping them, but she is also going to see her Uncle Tim, Rob’s only living brother. Tim is in a nursing home. Tim no longer speaks and is not able to take care of himself. She and I go to check on him once a week, he is really getting better in the nursing home.

Crazy Jude was my helper in the office

Dianne and I started Friday night off at Gringo’s in Pearland. We had items to exchange. But, as luck would have it, I spent the night at her house. It’s closer and it was way too dark for me to drive home.

Next morning, I took off to meet Jason, Rene’s husband, to pick up his extra car. My rental contract was running out that day. Jon followed so I could have the Smart Car. Off we went to a great café here in Alvin for breakfast. By that time, Jason’s truck was ready and off we went to my new home. What a helper this whole group was! Jon moved all the cement blocks to the backyard, then picked up all four heavy bags of rocks and put them in the backyard as well. Jason put together the two side tables and finished putting all the pictures up in the dining room. This will be so great because I’m having half the family here for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sunday, I am finishing my guest room for my first guest, Vickie, my sister-in-law. She will be staying Wednesday and Thursday night. We’ll get to visit and fix dinner for Thursday. Just like me, she lives alone and does not drive well at night. So, we’ll have a great time making her Mom’s dressing recipe, my sister’s favorite dip and my Mom’s ambrosia for our family lunch.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving and remember to give Thanks for all your blessings.

[CB: Nov-21-2023]

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