Brenda Cannon Henley
By Brenda Cannon Henley
This little wooden sign that is displayed prominently on my condo bathroom wall likely means nothing to you, and that is understandable. But, it helps to change my life and keep my focus. I spend time looking at it every morning as I dress and make myself presentable to face the day.

I learned several great truths from the Word of God long ago from reading, contemplating, and hearing good men and women teach the vast importance of being grateful. The little sign that helps to change my life daily did not cost very much, but I was attracted to the nautical rope hangings on each end and I appreciated the weathered wood. It goes with what I have chosen for my home.

The inexpensive price does not diminish the rich value in my life. I simply love it. And, I make a point in my busy life to read it every morning and several times during the day if I am home. It is usually the last thing I read before going to bed.

It declares, “Gratitude, Noun, The quality of being thankful, a wish to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

Gratitude for everything and everyone in our lives determines attitude and attitude determines altitude. My son, who is also my pastor, said yesterday in his sermon that if we come upon a truly happy group of folks, we will most likely find grateful people. Generally speaking, unhappy people are not grateful people.

They want more, different, better, bigger, more costly, and on and on with individual desires and tastes. Someone has hurt their feelings, not recognized them properly, failed to understand them, or not valued them or their contributions. They complain, threaten, devise ways to get even, and make themselves sad and miserable.

Gratitude for what they do have is sheerly missing from their lives. When we change our rotten, stinking attitude, and concentrate on being grateful people, it is clearly amazing at how our world improves. My late husband, Ted, often discouraged what he termed “stinking thinking” amongst his students, staff, and our family.

My son brought his message yesterday from Psalm 105. He illustrated his thoughts with a personal challenge. Use our normal alphabet and start this Thanksgiving season by listing one thing you are truly grateful beginning with each letter. A – I am grateful I am ALIVE at nearly 81 years old. B – I am grateful for the rich BLESSING of good health and gracious energy. C – I am grateful for all the CHILDREN in my life. They bring me joy and let me know my life is not vain and void. My memory and work will live on through them.

Why not join me in making this personal list? I warn you that may need to use a pencil and not a pen because you will likely change your mind from time to time as God stirs your mind. And I guarantee your attitude will change. Oh, how I’d love to read some of your lists.

Shiloh Walker Stancil is my third great grandchild for which I am grateful.

Brenda Cannon Henley can be reached at 409 781 8788, or
brendacannonhenley@yahoo com.

[BCH: Nov-14-2023]

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