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On New Year’s Eve I cried myself to sleep. After talking to RR and God I finally went to sleep. My talk with RR consisted of words like I must go on, I don’t want to, but I know I need too. I had put off finding a lawyer to go for the probate. I had put off many things that would allow me to accept what I was putting off. Life, Love and Laugh. I did not want any more of these three, I thought.

New Years Day was the first day of my happy world and I enjoyed it. The day after I picked up the phone and started my second search for a lawyer that I would like. I really loved my lawyers from the Hill Country, but RR passed in Angelina County and all court work must be done here.

After leaving the lawyer’s office, I was almost skipping, not quite, you see I’m a bit too old to skip. Next day, I started looking for important papers that would need death certificates and probate papers. There is more, but why bore you. As of today, I have a court date, February 6th, not the 6 months that I had for Dolores and Bobby.

Now, for the good stuff! I am learning to cook dinner in a quantity that I can eat for two evenings. My first try, meatloaf, it was horrible. As it cooled from the oven, I just opened the trash can and donated it to garbage. Have you ever tried making a small pot of any kind of soup? Not possible! Also, some things freeze well, and some do not. You only find this out by tasting the second serving. Ugh, another contribution to the garbage. I got smart with the meatloaf the second time. I made the whole loaf and cut it into thirds and froze two. They came out great. I’ve also started purchasing the small containers of Blue Bell Ice Cream. That way, I will not let my temptation cause at least half of the half-gallon to disappear at one sitting.

[CB: Jan-31-2023]

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