Little Lost Soles

(Composed by Marcel and Linda C. Elissalde
while walking with Emma on the beach.)

Little lost soles, Alone on the beach.
Each by itself, No partner in reach.

Tossed up by the waves, Some covered with sand.
Stranded without help, And wasted on land.

See now! Here is one, There is another.
Without a sister, Mother or brother.

Just found a left shoe, That cannot be right!
Covered with seaweed? Hidden out of sight?

But, ten yards later, Right sandal is found.
Close to the shore line, On top of the ground.

A pair matched together, Good luck or just fate?
To once again find, Your soulful, sole mate.

So, watch for small soles, Some buried in foam.
You could make a match, And give them a home.


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