Moving On

By Georgia Osten
Well, the Weekend From Hell is over, let’s move on how ‘bout it? I don’t think I had a chance to thank everyone for coming out to the 39th Annual Texas Crab Festival. Thank you all! What a wonderful weekend, and God blessed us with beautiful weather, especially Sunday! Maybe a few raindrops Saturday, but not enough to dampen any spirits.

We had a “knock-it-outta-the-park” Silent Auction. Our wonderful vendors donated some of their prized possessions and the bidders circled and kept watch. My partners in crime, Donna, Goat Nanny, and Terrie, the fearless, took the reins. On Sunday at Noon, each of us grabbed a bid sheet and began calling winners to come on down to get their prized bids! By the end of the festival at 6pm, just about everyone came to pay and gather their stuff. I only had a few items to carry around in my car waiting for the owners. The Weekend From Hell slowed a few people who didn’t want to venture back to the beach for their goodies. Understood!

I guess I did write about the Festival last week, I remember now because I was going to comment on the fantastic entertainment from Roger. Geez, I can’t wait to hear him again.

And how about those food vendors? The Amish donuts came in at the last minute due to a cancellation. Dawn and her husband and staff of 7. Wow, what a treat! My personal favorite, Gelu Ice, whipped up a dynamite coconut/cherry concoction to die for! Liz, Lighthouse Grille, and Jose of our very own local Cantina made a killing. My buddies, Charlie and Trudy and Steven, Charlie’s BBQ were a hit as always. Another newcomer, Eggroll Love, was a smash. She was a last-minute cancellation fill in too. Here’s hoping Crab Fest will be one of your regulars from now on Lisa.

I think it would be fun to get your opinion – If there’s a particular vendor, Food or Non-Food, you’d love to come back, please feel free to reach out to me.

In the meantime, hope you’re ready for another busy weekend – Memorial Weekend. Should be a breath of fresh air comparatively speaking.

Come on out and enjoy with the rest of the families. Let’s show these kind fun-loving folks some hospitality. All businesses can stay open and thrive as they’re meant to. After all, this is our Paradise, our Home!

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