Sand Bucket

By Georgia Osten
It’s finally come – The Texas Crab Festival. How many weeks/months have we been preparing for this event? I guess 9 months? Really, I could have given birth by now? Sorry, not me, but that’s how I relate to times like this. I guess it’s gone smoothly, after all, we’ve been doing this for … oh my gosh, is this our twelfth year?? I have only a small part of the whole process – vendors. It has pretty much honed itself to a smooth process. My vendors beg me to be accepted, except for the ones who balk at any new rules the County or our insurance company has imposed upon us. It’s okay, with a bit of explaining, they all want to be involved anyway and they all comply.

I hope you’ll all come out to our 39th Texas Crab Festival. It’s a “Family Event.”

[GO: May-7-2024]

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