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Two weekends ago, Rene’ and I took off on a new adventure, Round Top and Warrenton. Following Robbie’s “fun for road trip,” we used every Farm to Market road between Alvin and up to Brenham, beautiful landscape and finally into rolling hills. We started our journey Saturday morning about 8am and arrived at our first destination about 11.

Rene’ has never been to Round Top shopping for antiques before and was so excited. Jumping up & down for what seemed like an hour and trying every item that wasn’t nailed down. If you have never been on this adventure, try to make time. And above all, wear your most comfortable shoes and a shade hat. LOL!

This fun adventure covers over 11 miles of tents, open grass, and enclosed shopping for everything you can think of! Including lots of stuff for Christmas stockings. I must confess I did purchase a few items for Christmas and I also spent some $$ on me too. There is quite a-bit of garage sale stuff. Be sure to shop to your heart’s content at all the stain glass windows and chandeliers.

Between Warrenton and Round Top, there is a very small church, St Martins. It was open for our viewing and well worth it.

If you are thinking of joining us next year, there are three shows, so try to get your reservations in early. I know Rene’ and I will be there!

Happy Halloween

[CB: Oct-31-2023]

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