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By Cindy Clay Srader
Everyone has something they love and is a true part of their everyday life. What better place to showcase that than in your beach home. This room, as an animal lover, is one of my favorites for the beach. I would love to see even one of my dogs on our surfboard. I will leave that to my grandkids and nephew and their friends. This picture, which is an actual photograph, was put on canvas. Several photo shops can do this for you, even Walgreens and CVS. Of course look for those coupons! The furniture, fabrics and accessories all take their cue from the picture. This is something that the owners can have forever as a memory of a favorite pet. The stripes on the duvet remind you of the waves in the picture and the color of water. It works well with the fabric of greens and blue in the large floral pattern. The beach part of this room, aside from that great picture, is the natural raffia headboard and the dark stained wood drawer platform for the bed. I hope these home owners enjoy their life as much as their dog obviously does!


This is a neat way to create a casual lampshade for any lamp you have. It has a neat organic look and is so easy and inexpensive to boot! A yard of burlap, a roll of iron on tape and even colorful ribbon if you want to add a little pop is all it will take. Take the frame of your lamp shade and remove all of the old material. You can spray paint the shade ribs to coordinate with any lamp you will be using. Measure the largest edge of the lampshade and add an inch to the long side and to the height of the fabric. Take the height edges and fold them over using the tape with a dry iron to fuse the fabric together. Fold the top and bottom edges over twice and using the tape, fuse together with a dry iron. Cut enough strips of the fabric to tie either in a bow or a straight once over knot. Using a sharp pair of scissors cut slits into the double thickness of the edges. Space them evenly and tie the top of the shade first as shown in the picture and the bottom last. Note how the fabric is women in and out of the shade ribs. Either way this will be a great addition to you home! Have fun and use your imagination!

(This article was first published on 6/11/2013)

Hope to hear from all of you soon and please let me know if there is something specific that you are interested in. Enjoy your summer!

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