Mardi Gras

A Ritzy and Roaring Good Time

MG_0Under blue skies and a gentle breeze on Saturday, the 27th Annual Lighthouse Krewe Mardi Gras Parade was underway in Crystal Beach. People started lining the highway several hours before the 11:30am start, waiting to hoot and holler and cheer on the parade. Nearly a hundred floats, vehicles, and fire trucks traveled down the highway with revelers all dolled up to the theme “Roaring 20’s and all that Jazz”,

Mardi Gras, “Lighthouse Style”

MG_0The 26th annual Lighthouse Krewe Mardi Gras Parade commenced under beautiful blue skies on Saturday with nearly a hundred floats and vehicles inching down Highway 87 between cheering crowds lining both sides of the road. Beads and candy were flying through the air creating the festive atmosphere that is unique to this Bolivar Peninsula event. There were big floats, small floats, lots of

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