GCA Declares War Against GLO and Galveston County to Save Rollover Pass

By Ted Vega, President, Gilchrist Community Association
The Gilchrist Community Association, the legal owners of the property on which Rollover Pass was built in 1955 has declared war on efforts by the Texas General Land Office and Galveston County to use eminent domain to seize their private property. This treasured coastal resource, known for amazing fishing and recreation, is in immediate danger of being permanently closed by force of eminent domain by the Galveston County Commissioners Court. The two organizations who own and maintain the area, the Gulf Coast Rod, Reel, and Gun Club and the Gilchrist Community Association, will use every legal method at their disposal to stop this seizure of their private property.

Rollover Pass has brought millions of visitors to Bolivar Peninsula for over 60 years to experience world-class fishing in Texas. After two hurricanes devastated Bolivar Peninsula, Rollover Pass has been a source of community pride and much-needed economic strength. Despite these facts, Texas General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush wants to forcefully close the pass against the wishes of the property owners and countless other Texans who cherish this state treasure. Bush has offered millions of dollars in Federal money to entice Galveston County Commissioners to do what the GLO lacks the authority to do: use their power of eminent domain to take this private property.

“Property rights strike directly to the heart of any Texan. It started with our ancestors in the 1800s and we plan to continue to fight today for the land that is rightfully ours,” said Gulf Coast Rod, Reel, and Gun Club President, Wayne Stupka in reaction to the Texas General Land Office request for Galveston County to use eminent domain to achieve total closure of Rollover Pass.

Gilchrist Community Association President Ted Vega said, “It is high time that the bullying from state government stops.”

The former Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and his longtime friend, Galveston County Judge Mark Henry have signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) which gives the county $1.5 million dollars to do what they need to do to acquire the property up to and include the taking of the property, despite the objections of the rightful owner.

GCA-takeitTed Vega added, “This is not a case of legitimate eminent domain. This is a case of government taking private property because they disagree with its current usage. While the GLO cites erosion concerns with Rollover Pass, the construction of a simple jetty system can resolve erosion concerns while fully respecting private property rights. Otherwise, this blatant attempt to take our land ought to strike fear into the heart of every Texan. What happens here and will happen elsewhere in Texas when the government doesn’t like the way you are using your land.”

Rollover Pass, TX – January 15, 2016
Ted Vega, 713-545-6846

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2 Responses to “GCA Declares War Against GLO and Galveston County to Save Rollover Pass”

  1. Karl W says:

    Sad day on the horizon. I agree that jetties would be the appropriate solution, however, as the greedy commissioners have insurance companies and beachfront landowners to placate, it’s probably a losing battle. I’ve enjoyed fishing the Rollover area for over 30 years and never thought it would come to this. Texas will lose a unique fishing experience for all who have come to love the opportunity to catch quality fish at the pass and in Upper East Bay. Keep up the good fight!

  2. Matt Pace says:

    As Ted said, jettys are the solution to the problem and an inexpensive fix to the issue.

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