Happy 80th Birthday to Rev. W.C. Hall

By Linda Elissalde
Reverend W. C. Hall has done numerous great things in his life. Some of these include fostering 17 children, adopting 2 sons, and helping sponsor a family from Cambodia. His ties to the Bolivar Peninsula started when he was a seminary student in 1963. He was assigned a new church, Bay Vue United Methodist Church, that was housed in what is now Second Going Retail Shop.

Rev. Hall served as minister, pianist and organist. Those were good talents to have because he played a wheezing organ. He had to kick it to make it stop wheezing the last note so the service could begin. Sort of, “Stop the playing before starting the praying.” W.C. conducted funerals in that building. The casket had to be carried up stairs and let back down by rope after the ceremony. He almost drowned when one parishioner wanted to be baptized in the Gulf. However, that didn’t drown his love of fishing.

Bay Vue UMC present pastor, Valerie Hudson, with W.C. Hall, Bay Vue’s first pastor

W.C. has been battling cancer for a long, long time. He has had every treatment available. Plus he has been a guinea pig for new trials. W.C. remained positive during all of this travail. His dream was to make it to his 80th birthday. Bay Vue UMC planned to have a special party, but Mr. Covid-19 scotched that idea. Some friends came up with a new celebratory idea. How about a drive-by parade in front of Rev. Hall’s home in Beaumont, Texas?

So on June 2, 2020 about 15 cars lined up along Liberty and Broadway. There were decorations, balloons, signs, and American flags. The police escort started slowly up the street with all of us behind. W.C. was seated in his front driveway surrounded by friends. Luis, his adopted son, filmed the entire event. W.C. beamed as each car passed by him. He looked well and happy. It was such a good parade that we all drove around the block again. Everyone had to honk and wave one more time. What a joy to share in this special moment with a man who has dedicated his life to bringing comfort, hope and happiness to so many people.



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2 Responses to “Happy 80th Birthday to Rev. W.C. Hall”

  1. Great article, Linda! Happy Birthday Rev. W.C.!

  2. Frances Sunderman Warfield says:

    Happy Birthday, Rev. W.C.!! Congratulations on surviving all that ministry brings your way. I’m Glenda’s oldest sister and we live in the house we grew up in. I think Stan has visited with you by phone maybe once in the last eight years. Mama (Irene) was so fond of you and often kept us apprised of your activities at Lissie. God bless you and keep you well for a long more time. Sincerely, Frances

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