Commissioner Apffel talks about Bolivar

Listen in as Bolivar LIVE talks to County Commissioner Darrell Apffel at Stingaree Restaurant last Thursday. David and Darrell discuss Jeep Weekend 2020 and plans for 2021 Jeep Weekend; Rollover Beach and the proposed park and pier; Hurricane Season 2020 and the preparation you can take; Beach warning flags; Highway 87/124 construction; and other topics.

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  1. LAUREN says:

    TODAY I talked with Mr. Comeaux with Galveston County Road and Bridge. I advised to Mr. Comeaux that the Pilsner Boat Ramp is
    being obstructed with sand on the cement on the Pilsner Boat Ramp. LAST week we witnessed some person with a boat get stuck on the boat ramp when the person tried to remove their boat. it took about 10 people to push the truck out with boat trailer.

    Please advise Galveston Count Road and Bridge that we need a boat ramp on the channel side to access the North Jetty fishing area for the CCA fishing tournament. No boat ramps are close enough to drive around from the Intercoastal for residents of Bolivar Peninsula to fish near the North Jetty and Galveston channel side . I lot of fishermen do not realize that that boat ramp fills up with sand and could damage their large fishing boats. We need the boat ramp dug out with a machine this week because the fishing weather is going to be perfect in the coming weeks for vacation . Thanks

  2. Doug says:

    I have a home bay side, and I am on Bolivar Peninsula almost every weekend year round. I’ve been a homeowner on Bolivar for about 30 years. Bolivar Peninsula has always been last on any Galveston County agenda for decades.

    Bolivar Peninsula has never had any reasonable representation with the county, or state. Although, on the state level, my communications with Mayes Middleton he has shown a glimmer of hope. He shows considerably more concern than Wayne Faircloth did.

    Think about Hurricane Ike, and the past 12 years, and what has, and hasn’t been done. First, Hwy 87, the only escape route the people of Bolivar Peninsula have once the ferry shuts down. Over 10 years wait for completion, for a State Highway that is still severely dangerous to travel, even during “Minor Weather Events”. Debris all over the road. Splash from the surf on the road. If you have a Facebook account, search the Bolivar pages for the week of Tropical Storm Cristobal, and you’ll see what takes place. Absolutely inexcusable! TxDot should be ashamed to have their name on the project. And Galveston County Judge Mark Henry & Commissioner Apffel should have done better job pushing the state for better design. Galveston County used “Eminent Domain” on Rollover Pass to shut it down as I remember, but wouldn’t use it to build a safe highway further from the beach for people to travel.

    Then we have the beach issues. I’m sure everyone is aware of this. Again, another lack or representation on Galveston County Commissioner’s Court, and Galveston County Sheriff. I was talking the other day to a retired GCSO deputy, and he stated he “Hated Bolivar Peninsula” when he worked. He didn’t get in to specifics, and neither did I, but I know this to be a true statement from the years of neglect on the peninsula. And not only neglect from the county, but by the state also. I never see DPS troopers on the peninsula, except Jeep weekend. Hwy 87 is a “State Highway”. There are about 27 miles of highway, plus 27 miles of beach, and bayside roads and property that need patrolling. But when GCSO deems that 6 or so deputies are all that are needed, and 5 of them are parked at the ferry landing, neglect just takes it’s unfortunate course.

    There is a severe beach litter problem on the peninsula, and on Galveston Island lately. Why are there not any citations written for litter? I heard someone say because law enforcement has to witness the act. May be true, but I don’t think they watch for it. There used to be a large sign at the Bolivar Ferry Landing the read “No Tolerance Policy”, and litter was on that list. That sign needs to be replaced, and the GCSO Jail Bus needs to be parked by it on busy weekends.

    Bottom line is, the property owners, business owners and visitors on Bolivar Peninsula have been getting, and still are getting shortchanged on services from Galveston County and the State Of Texas. I read recently that there is over $1.5 billion of property that property taxes are paid on, on Bolivar Peninsula, and if you multiply that by your tax rate, that’s is tens of millions of dollars collected, and that’s going up based on my GCAD appraisal. This money is collected, but not spent here on the peninsula, where it belongs for our well being & safety. Do a better job “Elected Officials”!

  3. Carlis says:

    Thank you Jerry for your completely honest assessment! Carlis Cole

  4. Jerry says:

    I still feel that the Sheriffs Department is not prepared for the weekend. We had half the amount of people here for Jeep Weekend than normal. With covid 19, the weather that’s what made it a successful weekend. On Friday during the day I saw troopers out writing tickets on the highway. We went out on beach on Saturday and stayed about 5 hours and did not see 1 trooper drive by and only saw 2 sheriffs department cars drive by. Not sure where all this law enforcement that the commissioner is talking about but they weren’t on the beach. I don’t dare drive on the beach after dark on this weekend. It’s ashamed that the people who live here have to put up with this. You need 300 to 400 officers here that weekend.

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