Happy 99th Birthday TO Queen Edith

By Linda Elissalde
“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety.” William Shakespeare
Shakespeare composed these words to describe Cleopatra, but they also describe the incomparable Edith Smith who will be 99 on October 12, 2023. Queen Edith beguiles all with her charm, wit, beauty and kindness. Once she and lovely daughter Trish graced Emerald Beach II, but moved back home to Oklahoma. They still love Crystal Beach.

Therefore, it was decided that Edith should celebrate the grand occasion of her blessing this earth for 99 years on Bolivar Peninsula. Cousin Bill, wife Brenda B. Smith and nephew Blake happily opened their hearts and beach house to family and friends for this party. Attending relatives included grandsons Bobby Smith, Chris Smith, wife Michelle, her mother Denise Malone, great grand children, Colton, Addison, and Maverick Smith. Meghan Smith with partner Terry Alexander brought precious great, great granddaughter Amarra Alexander to meet Edith. Great nephews Randy Allen and Willie Allen with wife Diana rounded out the relatives.

Hair stylist April Nugent started the day with a gift of beautiful hair styling for Edith. After all, Queen Edith would be wearing her crown. Rita Moseley, Marsha Fredenburg, Trish Smith with sweetheart Doug Raynolds helped create a fine birthday party. Family and friends sang a special version of Happy Birthday to music recorded by classic pianist Paulette Layfield. Hot dogs with myriad toppings were the designated food of choice. Those delicious dogs were joined by numerous choices of hors d’oeuvres provided by attendees. Great nephew Randy Allen delighted palates with his barbecued ribs, sausages and etouffee. The crowning finale included one of Elaine Rollfing’s famous cakes. Chocolate cake formed the bottom layer with lemon crud cake as the top decorated with eatable flowers. Edith blew out her celebratory candles with gusto. Although the invitation stated “no gifts”, family and friends ignored that royal decree. Edith opened her presents and cards with delight. She read every word; joyfully exclaimed for every offering.

Edith Smith has lived an extraordinary life. She enjoyed her family, friends AND supports the Houston Astros. Her faith and strength helped her cope with any adversities through life. Edith loves and is loved. That is why we proclaim, “HAPPY 99TH BIRTHDAY TO QUEEN EDITH…and many more!

[LCE: Oct-3-2023]

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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Hope that you have or had a FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY.

  2. Brenda Beust Smitg says:

    You’re the BEST reporter ever!

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