Rollover Pass is Closed!

Workers showed up early on Monday morning to install security fencing around Rollover Pass. There were a few people still fishing by late morning, but the fencing was completed by the end of the day. Sheriff’s Deputies are on site to prevent trespassers. The closure of Rollover Pass was authorized by the Texas Legislature in 2009, but for years, the Gilchrist Community Association, caretakers of the Pass, has been fighting this decision in court to keep the pass open. On Monday morning, the GCA issued this PRESS RELEASE.

The Texas General Land Office has awarded a contract for the closure of the Pass.

Ted Vega, President of the Gilchrist Community Association, has not given up yet, stating that not all legal issues have been resolved.

Miss Nancy, owner of nearby Miss Nancy’s Bait Camp, plans to “stick it out” for a while. She says she still has customers who fish the surf and canals.

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7 Responses to “Rollover Pass is Closed!”

  1. STEVE says:

    Nature will cut another new pass at lowest point of least resistance to allow for high tidal flows. Everyone must vote Texas Land Commissioner out office next primary. Ship of fools to mess with Mother Nature…

  2. Mike LeBlanc says:

    Don’t understand the above comments. You have know for years Rolloer was oing to be shut down. An now you are whining! Hmmmmm…..

    • Darren says:

      You must be an elected official or work for the government. This was about something much larger than fishing. It was about government overreach (aka imminent domain), peoples lives and the economy of a small community.

  3. Barbara Muzny says:

    The closing is a great disappointment. Many memories of the Pass for fishing and gatherings.

  4. Jack York says:

    I was involved in motorcycle-car accident and I really can’t walk a long distance. Rollover pass was the only place I could fish comfortably.

  5. Debra DeShazor says:

    So sorry to see this. Many, many years of peace and family fun, teaching kids how to fish!!! Wow. The same reason Rollover opened is the same reason it need to remain!!!!

    GLO will make M O N E Y! KIDS and FAMILY MEAN NOTHING to


  6. Robert Newsome says:

    So sorry to hear this. Was absolute great place. Next time they try to say they do everything for the children tell them about this. Liars.

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