Second Going Resale Store Helps Local Schools

By Linda Elissalde
Bay Vue United Methodist Church’s Second Going Resale Store loves to give. Especially when it comes to the Bolivar Peninsula. Their mission includes providing the food truck each week, low cost quality clothing and household items, and free medical equipment to those in need. One of their favorite missions is to help our community schools. Second Going enjoyed a banner year. Jane Long and The Second Going Style Show was a smashing success, and sales of clothing and household goods are at an all-time high.

On left is Terry Ward (Crenshaw) and Fran Griffin; on right is Fran Griffin and Travis Grubbs ( High Island)

So, Manager Fran Griffin drove to High Island and Crenshaw Schools to bring them special gifts for the new school year. Fran presented High Island Superintendent Travis Grubbs and Crenshaw Principal Terry Ward with $100 Gift Cards for each full time teacher. Teachers may spend the money on supplies they feel will best benefit the needs of their pupils.

Second Going Board Members Fran, Dennis Stafford, Tom Kruft and Jane Loose were thrilled that the store could help Bolivar Peninsula students. You can say, “Second Going really is the gift that just keeps on giving!”


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  1. Catherine Holtzclaw says:

    You all do such a wonderful gift to our community. Im so proud that so much is done for students and their families.

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