The Bolivar Point Lighthouse

Our National Treasure
By Linda Elissalde
What a grand treat when Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation (BPCF) hosted their quarterly membership meeting on the Bolivar Point Lighthouse grounds, April 23 2022. Elinor Tinsley and Vicky Norris created delicious free lunches for new and old BPFC members. The weather cooperated to create a perfect afternoon for this quarterly event.

Amy Maxwell Chase, warmly welcomed everyone. Lloyd Maxwell, Amy’s Uncle, enthralled guests when he shared his memories of playing around the lighthouse after it, and beach houses, were purchased by relatives Boyts and Maxwells from the US government for $5,500 after WWII.

However, that is just a small sample of the true and exciting saga of THE BOLIVAR POINT LIGHTHOUSE. Amy, Executive Director of Bolivar Point Lighthouse Foundation (BPLF) is engaged in fund raising for the restoration of this historical treasure. BPCF gifted the Bolivar Point Lighthouse Foundation with a $500 check to help toward this goal. The houses on the lighthouse property are also being restored to their original state. Eventually the entire property will be available for tourists from all over the world.

THE BOLIVAR POINT LIGHTHOUSE, Reflections of the historic lighthouse from those who call this peninsula home, contains photos and illustrations by Russell Autrey and oral histories compiled by Denise Adams. This publication with gorgeous photos and enchanting memories is a great starting point for those familiar with, and those new to the dramatic tale of our wonderful treasure – THE BOLIVAR POINT LIGHTHOUSE!

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  1. Judy Linsley says:

    What a treasure for Bolivar! It must be preserved. Thanks to Linda Elissalde for a great article and spectacular photos.

  2. Carlis Cole says:

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity, representing for Keep Bolivar Beautiful. Carlis Cole

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