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CS_2014-0708-0DESIGN IDEAS, By Cindy Clay Srader
This bathroom would liven up any beach house. I love the play of bright turquoise tile in the shower and how they edged the mirror with the same edging tile that was used in the shower. One of my favorite things is using mosaic tile on shower floors that match the walls. In this room everything is white so the bright color really stands out! The touch of lime green flowers is a wonderful contrast! The clear acrylic chair adds a modern touch to this traditional bath! CS_2014-0708-1Do not be afraid of color and always remember it is good to break some rules when it comes to your decisions on your beach home. It is supposed to be a refuge and reflect your personality, so just go for it!

HOW TO: Make a Nautical Rope Fence
This is an easy afternoon project you can do that will help delineate your property from your neighbors. The fence is more decorative than actually keeping animals in or out. It will keep golf carts from running through your property though. For this project you will need the following.

Dig a hole 2 feet down so 3 feet of each post is above ground. Before putting the post in the hole make sure you shovel some mixed Sackcrete into the hole and then once the post is placed, push the dirt you dug out and tamp in firmly. Make sure the post is level. Continue this with each post at an equal distance until you have your completed fence line.

You can choose to cut a hole about 5 inches down from the top of the post to thread the rope through or wrap and brad with aluminum brads around each post. If you choose to wrap the rope, have the rope swag at that time. It will not be adjustable. Proceed to each post until finished. If going through the holes, make sure you tie a strong and bradded knot on each end. The ropes should have enough swag and not be tight or straight between posts.

Live for the warmth of the sun on your face, the sand in between your toes and the taste of saltwater on your lips.

Cindy Srader can be contacted at [email protected] or 832-877-2360

What is “BEACH CHIC”? A design style comprised of a combination of clean lines and organic finishes that work together to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The color scheme is inspired by the beach and the natural environment of sun, sea and sand!

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