A Cool, Cool End of Summer Party

By Linda Elissalde
1. Cool: the opposite of warm – chilly
2. Cool: Well done – Done with style

Crystal Canal’s End of Summer Party is always a cool (2) event. Great barbecue, delectable side dishes, stupendous desserts and marvelous music create a perfect finale to the season. This year proved to be acool (1), cool (2) End of Summer Party as the temperature continued to drop Saturday night. That did not cause any drop in pleasure at this annual event.

Tom and Mary Ann Harrison, Joey and Karen Masterson, Luke and Juliene Durdin, David Himsel and Debi Jordan produced a warm atmosphere for attendees. That succulent barbecue prepared by Dennis Rollfing and Greg Holcombe, pot luck provided by Crystal Canal residents and guests warmed hearts and bodies. Troy McManus and band were hot.

Dancers kept moving to the beat. Nobody was complaining, except for the Yankees beating our Astros. However, everyone stayed upbeat because it was only the first game. (Predictions were that the Astros would prevail n Sunday night.) There was still all that good food and good music to enjoy.

A full moon blessed this cool, cool party with warm light. It was gorgeous night. Once again, Crystal Canal bid farewell to summer with a delightful party. Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler. The good times really did roll for this cool, cool End of Summer Party!


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