Thank You, Second Going Resale Store!

By Linda Elissalde
Nothing stops Second Going Resale Store. Board members Dennis Stafford and Tom Kruft moved away to be closer to families. They are certainly missed. However, Fran Griffin and Jane Loose appointed Esther Sarabia and Paula Alam to the board. The board, along with kind volunteers, create a spot for low priced, quality goods. It continues to be a resounding success. Profits go to helping others of our community.

Dennis Stafford and Tom Kruft

Second Going provides free medical rehab equipment to residents. They support the Food Truck that makes 2 stops on the peninsula to deliver free food. This year they gifted all peninsula churches with $1, 000. In addition to this benevolence, Second Going placed education at the forefront of helpful endeavors. Because the shop did so well this year, Second Going was able to gift Crenshaw and High Island schools with $3,000 each. Then, they presented every teacher with $300 to spend on any supplies needed for their students. As a former teacher, I appreciate how wonderful it is to have money to buy what you need for your own students.

Gratitude goes to these fine people for taking care of Bolivar Peninsula. Whether it is clothing, home products, religion, food or education, Second Going is there to serve. This area is lucky and honored to have such a fine example of generosity in our community.



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  1. Carliscole says:

    You all fill my heart with great joy, volunteers are the backbone of Bolivar❤️ Carlis ( KBB)

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