Easter – Years Gone By

GO-0418aBy Georgia Osten
Sitting at mass on Easter Sunday, a couple of my friends were remarking how, way back when, we used to get decked out for church. Our Moms dressed us to the hilt. The whole sha-bang – hats, gloves, white patented-leather shoes, some sort of frilly dress. I remember making the girls dresses that would match mine. When did I ever have that much time? My favorite memory – taking the kids to the Seahoose for Easter to visit Mama & Bop. The Seahoose was a one bedroom, one bath, open concept beach front. We kind of slept wherever we could find a spot. Back in those days, the Easter Bunny would hide the Easter baskets back behind the TV or a chair or a couch. I remember waking before the kids to see a little critter, a mouse hiding behind a cabinet holding a jelly bean in his little paws. Something, that today, would make me scream like crazy, but back then, how cute, how innocent.

I don’t think I ever made my son dress in a suit, but we still have a picture of him in his first communion outfit, looking so dapper. I have to admit, I miss those days. Easter is a special holiday. I actually tolerate this holiday at the beach. We went to a couple of Easter Egg Hunts and they were delightful. This Community certainly knows how to pull together families! The Easter Bunny was at The Big Store or course, thanks Keith for always coming through!

The SonRise service was out of this world. People had to park many barrels away and hike in with their beach chairs to witness the magnificence. It’s a family holiday – the best!

He Is Risen.

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