A Cab Ride (And a Farewell)

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Long ago, in the small town of Dallas, Laura and I had a computer conference. We left our little town of League City and Space City in a 6 or 8 passenger Metro airport plane. You had one seat on each side of the plane, so we sat on both sides of the plane. Both of us were able to see the cockpit of the plane. Of course, my imagination went crazy when I saw both co-pilot and pilot reading an instruction manual. I am sure, at this late date, it would be called flight plan. I turned to Laura and said, “are they trying to read how to make this thing fly?” She shrugged her shoulders and said something like “Who Knows?”

Needless to say, we made it to Bush Intercontinental with no problem. This was a one-day training session, so no luggage was required. We left before dawn and were home after rush hour. After we landed in Dallas, we caught a cab for our destination. The driver was sort of pleasant, but did not speak much English. Our only hope was that he knew where he was going. From the airport, we took the freeway and, yes, we were in rush hour traffic. That did not bother our driver, as he knew he was in a destruction derby and he was going to win! After a minute or two switching lanes, with absolutely no room to make this exchange, and a few horn honks from him, and people he was scaring to death, I looked at Laura and said, “We are going to Die!” After we were pushed to the far side of the cab, she agreed. Before the ride was over, we were holding hands and close to crying. We made our destination and paid our fare and thanked All That Be for our safe arrival.

What made me remember this adventure was a segment on TV about a cab driver from New York and his story about buying his cab and trying to make ends meet. The owner was very difficult to understand and I was taken aback to the fun trip on the cab ride in Dallas.

I hope you have enjoyed my tales over the last few years but it is time for me to take a break. I have loved being part of Crystal Beach Local News and having the wonderful friendship of Georgia and Tom.

We may have left the beach but my heart is still there with all of you.

Be kind to one another and love each day.


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2 Responses to “A Cab Ride (And a Farewell)”

  1. Patty says:

    I read your column each week. You are so entertaining and will certainly be missed!!!!

  2. Nancy Bachman says:

    I’ve always enjoyed your stories!! I wish you well wherever life takes you!!

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