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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Before I get into the story, I will not write about this past week. I understand there is a petition with well over 6,000 signatures floating about, we will be glad to sign it.

Last year we had a couple about our age stay at the park. We chatted several times and enjoyed each other’s company. She is a gardener of both types, vegetables and plants, especially bulbs. We hit it off just fine everyday. Our husbands talked about 5th wheels and busses and maintaining said items.

She and I enjoyed talking about canning and freezing vegetables. She loves to sew and enjoys crafts too, I guess it is a good thing we don’t live across the street from each other. Can you imagine the trouble we could get into and the cost of said new craft or plant?

We worked this past Sunday. When we got home, there was a note on our deck. Linda wrote me a note thanking us again for our friendship during their stay. They will be back, but never again on Jeep weekend, it was not their cup of tea. They look forward to visiting again on a quieter week. They will be sailing in June and will look us up. She ended her note with “Till we meet again my friend”.

At our age it is very difficult to make new (lasting) friends. Not only are we looking forward to seeing them again, but look forward to traveling up their way.

Make a new friend this week or next month, just put out your hand or heart and a very big smile. Life is too short.

Have a great week, and you never know how your smile will help a stranger.


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