Bon Appétit

By Georgia Osten
I’ve never proclaimed to be a great cook, but I do love to cook. I love new recipes, hence the fact that Pinterest won’t leave me alone. They keep sending me recipe after recipe. Just like short bob style haircuts. I print out the recipes I like, page after page. I get a bit frustrated when they want me to download some app from Chrome, in fact, I get A LOT frustrated. I will usually use my print screen and paste it into Irfan View – I’ll show them!!!

I wish I was a good cook like the rest of the ladies on my Bunko Team. They whip up these fantastic meals. I mean, you can’t wait to get over to their houses to begin eating. Every second Wednesday, we skip lunch so we’re good and hungry for our 6:30 event.

This year, September is my month, I plan to get my husband to drive clear to Winnie to pick up sandwiches from A Brewed Awakening. Then, I’ll ask my daughter to get these fantastic key lime pies in Pasadena. Sorry, I just don’t have it in me to try to compete with the other chefs extraordinaire. I mean, last month’s OVER ACHIEVER baked up three different cakes “from scratch.”

I will attempt to make a batch of shrimp dip, which I know the girls love. It happens to be a recipe I stole from my mother-in-law (bless her soul).

Don’t worry, I’ll give it all I’ve got, and then I’ll give credit where credit’s due. Let the dice roll and bon appétit.

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