Bulging at the Seams

By Georgia Osten
Just when it seems you can hardly fit any more people in the house, along comes another group. It all began with our 10 year old granddaughter. She flew all by herself from North Carolina on June 5th. Nervous grandparents picked her up from the airport. We were doing just fine until we received a text from her mother saying the plane was 15 minutes early. Oh my gosh! Arriving at the airport, we decide to valet the car. We made it through boarding and security just as they’re calling for pickup of a minor coming in on the next flight.

It’s all good. After gathering this excited youngster, we made it to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Aunt Leigh’s birthday. Then off we went to the beach to spend the most delightful two weeks with this young lady.

We had to share, but that’s okay. Auntie got her for a weekend, then we all met up for Father’s Day with another Aunt and Uncle and cousins in the pool.

Two weeks to the date, the rest of Addyson’s family (Mom, Dad, two brothers and two extra dogs) joined us from North Carolina. As I told you before, we still had to share, so they took off one weekend to visit family in San Antonio, they left one dog, so we knew they’d come back. I managed to get the house all put back together, sheets and towels washed and food restocked for their return.

By the middle of the third week, Uncle Matthew, Cousin Pierce and their two dogs came for a two-day stay. Yes, that’s 5 dogs.

So much fun and so many fireworks later, Aunt Leigh, Cousins Emma and Grant, BFF Mel and her two girls arrived on July 5th. More food, the refrigerators are now bulging as well as the house, coolers are set up on the deck, bedrooms are claimed by one and all, and PawPaw and I stand clear that whatever and wherever they choose is just fine with us. As long as we have our little section of the house over here on the side, we’ll be just fine.

Many a late night, many a game of Mexican Train or Moon, don’t forget the ball games, gotta love those Astros! Did I mention, we had enough people to form a baseball game of our own out on the grass in front of the house. Neighbor kids were included, and their parents rooted from the decks around us.

Friday, more joined us. Mel’s husband Jeff and Mel’s other daughter and husband. Oh Boy!

Did I mention Washers? Emma and Grant participated in Jordan’s Washer tournament, but eliminated out after two games. That’s okay, we kept two boards busy on our own.

Now, let’s get the kayaks out, they haven’t been washed off this year yet. What a wonderful opportunity to get out there to the green water, still inside the horizon so we could keep an eye on everyone.

On Saturday, the NC group left us to begin their two-day trek back home. The remaining folks spread out a bit more. Maezy was lost without her cousin dogs, and we were really sad to be losing any of them.

All the while, we supported The Big Store for the best part of 5 weeks, “you’re welcome!” We went through plenty of bags of ice, gallons of ice cream, buckets of sunscreen and bug spray, not to mention cases and cases of cokes, Gatorade and of course beer!

I miss you all, my dear family, but as always, when we part, we think of the next time we’ll be together. Looking forward to October for PawPaw’s birthday and then Christmas when we’ll all be back here at the beach again.

GO’s Sand Bucket is only one beach bum’s journal of life at the beach, probably something each of you can relate to. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts, visions and/or feelings of just exactly what the beach means to you. Email: rubyreddog4030@yahoo.com


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