Christmas Joy at the Arboretum

By Linda Elissalde
“Music, love and laughter poured out!” Lead Organizer Gerry Lang summed up the 12th annual Bolivar Peninsula Community Winnie Arboretum Christmas program on December 8, 2018. Maria McMillen was present to lend a gracious helping hand to all. There were bells ringing, choirs singing, reindeer and elves dancing all over the place. That weather outside was frightful, but the joy inside was sunny and delightful.

Assistant planners Rita Moseley and Susan Shafer helped arrange this annual event. Gifted pianist Susan, along with the Bolivar Ukulele group, musician and singers from Bay Vue United Methodist Church, Community Church and myriad peninsula volunteers, struck up the band and led Arboretum residents in song and dance. Pastors Kaye Sims and Valerie Hudson added their musical talents. Millie Coffee’s lovely voice soared on solos. Anita Lynch and Rita Moseley (The Tapping Cousins) led others to hit the floor. L.B. Hunt provided uplifting percussion beats to bring out even more sparkle. Of course there were gifts for all.

While adults provided a grand show, I must admit that the young folk were the hit of the proceedings. Now, we older folk sometimes decry the youth of today. Well, if you had seen the fine youngsters from Community Church, you would have to change your mind. They were thoughtful, helpful, patient, talented and loving young people. Old eyes really did light up when they were near. If these kids represent our future, we need not worry.

Then what happens every Christmas show at the Arboretum happened again. When the inhabitants begin to sing, tap their feet and clap their hands to carols they remembered, some special enchantment created a change in the dynamics of this event. It was the residents giving back to the performers. As the program continued entertainers and entertained inspired each other to new heights of joy. This magic carried singers down the hallways and into rooms to share Christmas happiness with those unable to attend the program.

Performers packed up their instruments at the end of the show. Excitement reigned as they compared notes. “Wasn’t this one the best time ever?” queried each to another. They may not have been sure of that answer, but as always, they agreed on one item. The entertainers came to give a gift to the residents, but it was the residents that gave a better gift to the entertainers. It truly was a morning of Christmas Joy at the Winnie Arboretum.


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