Commentary – Rollover Pass

By Ed Snyder/Outdoors
The main problem here concerning the closing of Rollover is that we have a minority ruling over the majority; an interested few who moved to close the pass for reasons known only to them are trying to fix something that isn’t really broken-but can be fixed in other ways. Rollover Pass is a Mecca to many thousands of people who use this facility not only to fish, but to rebond with their families and friends. There is a lot of History in Rollover which deals with those who grew up fishing the Pass. If the pass is closed we would lose that important history. Bolivar would take a big financial hit if the pass is closed as would Galveston East Bay changing, almost overnight from being an incredible fishery to a freshwater swamp being void of anything but skeeters and gators. The closing and filling in of Rollover would be an absolute disaster for the State of Texas. Rollover needs to be recognized for what it really can become: A Texas National Treasure – AMEN!!


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3 Responses to “Commentary – Rollover Pass”

  1. Brad M. says:

    The sooner its filled in, the better. Beach will stop eroding and start rebuilding from there west past driftwood. Hindsight being what it is, had jetties been built back then, like the north jetties, the beach up in Crystal would be wide and a good dune system like there is from approx Rancho Caribe west to the jetties. If in fact they build lighted fishing piers that are A.D.A. compliant, Rollover will flourish and be bigger and better than it ever was.

    • John says:

      Piers won’t even come close to how good the pass is. Especially for people like me who have serious mobility issues. I can pull up to the pass and fish just a few feet from my vehicle with my wife and children enjoying the fishing or playing nearby out of harms way of swinging hooks. There are piers already but people overwhelmingly choose to pass them up and go to Rollover Pass. I pray the pass doesn’t get taken away from all those who bond with family and friends there and have grown up fishing the pass.

  2. Donna T says:

    Amen Ed!

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