Dang it!

By Georgia Osten
The other day, as I was rummaging through this drawer in my dresser looking for a birthday card or something, I ran across my passport. This must be a very important drawer because my social security card was in there as well. Anyway, I looked through the passport, it doesn’t expire until 2030! I was so excited! It’s not that I’m planning an international trip, but I was so happy it hasn’t expired and if I wanted to jet or sail out of the country, no biggie. I remember the last time I had to renew it, it had expired, and boy, was that a hassle!

Talk about things expiring …

Then, the other day, I sent in my ferry pass and I specifically stated that it didn’t need to begin until 4/1/23. Well, just because I sent it in the end of February … You’re right, now, it begins February 1, 2023. Geez, can’t they read the form?

Yesterday, we stopped at the post office. My husband ran in to check all 3 boxes. When he came out, there was this letter for me from the Texas Department of Public Safety. I’m thinking, “what did I do now?” Is it a fine, illegal parking, another toll way ticket?!? He opened it for me because I was driving. No, it’s my renewal for Texas Driver License. Are you kidding me?

So, I said to him, “what do I have to do?” He tells me, “I’m not eligible to renew online.” What? So, I said to him again, “what do I have to do?” Well, he said, “you have to appear in person, you have to do an eye exam” and by then, he was feeling pretty cocky and he said, “and, you have to parallel park.” I slammed on the breaks and made him get out of the car, he could walk home!

Just kidding, because he was just kidding. He knows I can’t parallel park! If the occasion arises, and I’m driving, I will slip out of the driver’s seat and he will take over. Never mind, no one has ever taught me how to parallel park. I’ve tried. I must have used to know how, when I had to get my driver’s license in the first place. But, granted, that’s been a while ago.

If they make me parallel park, and I fail, and I can’t renew my license, I hope there’s someone out there to Drive Miss Daisy for the rest of her life. Lord help that soul, because I have so many more places to go!

Get ready FAMILY!

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