Deja Vu

By Georgia Osten
And, it all comes pouring back. All those games all those many years ago. Little Dax, playing soccer! Six year olds playing soccer. It’s kind of like a swarm of bees, both teams up and down the field. But, they really have the hang of it! They know exactly where they’re going, which direction, where and who to kick it to. We asked at half time, why don’t they change goals? Mommy said, “just to keep it simple, no need to throw in something that might confuse the issue.”

We asked “what’s the score?” Mommy said, “we don’t keep up with that either.” It’s all good. We know when our team scores a goal and we know when the other team scores, let’s just keep it at that.

The coach is really great at placing his kids in different positions, and switching the players out. There are only 4 of each team on the field at a time. So there I was, trying to figure out the kids’ names. I kept yelling for Jacob. After about the 5th time, Michael, my 9 year old Grandson, said, “Grandma, that’s Isaac, Jacob is on the other team.” Oh dear! After that, I just yelled and cheered for the only kid I really knew – Dax.

After the game, burgers from Pop Top Burgers in League City, best burgers in town, next door to the Chinese Buffet, where Funkle Paul and Aunt Leigh took the boys the night before. Needless to say, Little Michael had a restless night from his dining experience at the Chinese Buffet. (Where’s the “parental guidance” Funkle?)

PawPaw claimed “That sounds like something we, the grandparents, would have done…Michael dined on crackers at the Pop Top Burger Joint.

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