Easter Wishes

By Georgia Osten
Well, I must say, I’m feeling happy and relaxed. After all these weeks, it feels like we may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. We just got back from the beach, we actually drove down there in the golf cart to take Maezy for her early evening ritual. She went for a swim, PawPaw must have thrown the tennis ball out there 5 or 6 times for her – Far! She had to do some swimming, it can’t be bad for her girlish figure. Although, the last time she visited Dr. Matak, the Doctor said, “well, she still has a waistline…” All I’ve gotta say, is “good for her!”

With all this time off, we’ve made some progress on home projects. My husband got the whole front of the house caulked and painted, shutters and all! We got the new pool installed. Yep, the two of us! Thought I was going to die, but I tried not to act too wimpy. This “old timer” just doesn’t move like she used to. We even managed to get the steps back in, my husband was the one to be in the pool, burrrrrrr. I can’t wait for some warm weather now to try it out.

Easter was different to say the least. Sunday, we found the Easter Vigil mass online, I yelled “hey, want to go to mass now?” We pulled up the previously recorded mass from Saturday night. Oh my goodness, it was really turning into a full blown page turner. I thought “what the heck?” Then, the 9 am Sunday mass dinged that it was beginning, it was a no brainer – SWITCH. I was absolutely moved by the ceremony, our internet kept up, there were hardly any interruptions, we read along, prayed along, what a wonderful celebration.

We finished Mass just in time to get ready for our ZOOM Easter Conference with the rest of the family. My Cup Runneth Over. It’s been so long since we’ve been together. For a big family, a family where we don’t live that far apart (except for a few of us, and really far apart for one of us), this hasn’t been normal. We’ve missed several birthdays, I’m afraid, maybe more.

We had a couple of technical difficulties with the connection, but with a handful of “young folks” who know how to work the system, we all got connected. We had the most delightful conversations with all our Dear Family. We talked with the college kids, one who was sent home from Colorado, and our others who are dealing with life in Waco, and their parents in League City. We got to visit with our Middles in Friendswood, their Mom who is holding down the fort with three over-zealous youngsters. Also, up front and center, our Littles Family in Friendswood, Our 6-year old and his two brothers, age 3! They were being kept contented by their Easter candy throughout the conference, Riggs’ message to all, “Happy Easter, I love you!” From the longest way away, our son-in-law, deployed, joined in on the Easter greeting.

I can’t wait until we’re all joined together again. Until then, here’s wishing you all HAPPY EASTER from our family to yours.


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