FOE Welcomes Dignitaries

Fraternal Order of Eagles Crystal Beach welcomed visiting dignitaries on Monday. The local FOE Aerie hosted the Grand Madam President, Brenda Garrioch. President Garrioch represents all Eagles Auxiliaries in the United States and Canada. As Grand Madam President, Ms. Garrioch travels to the different Aeries throughout the two countries and visits the local organizations. Traveling with her was Cathy McGee, Eagles Madam President for the state of Texas. Together they enjoy the sights and experiences the various Aeries represent. Crystal Beach Madam President Lisa Day and several Eagles Auxiliary members welcomed Brenda and Cathy, meeting for lunch at Jose’s followed by a visit to the local Aerie.

FOE Crystal Beach has the distinction of being the largest membership Aerie in the Great State of Texas. Members are very active in the community and have raised thousands of dollars for local charities and initiatives. Thank you for the continued community support.

FOE Crystal Beach President Jim Denys giving Grand Madam President Garrioch souvenir Mardi Gras beads.

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  1. Jim Denys says:

    Thanks Tom for stopping by yesterday to meet Brenda Garrioch our Grand Madam Auxiliary President and Cathy McGee our Texas State Madam President. We are so fortunate to be their schedule of visits from the 1400 other possible Aerie locations.

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