From One Extreme to the Other

By Georgia Osten
Date night this month was carried over from a month ago. So much going on in September, we decided to push date night over into October to cover both our birthdays. We still had our reservation at The Tremont, so we added a reservation to Vargas Cut & Catch. We had never been there, not even to Rudy & Paco’s. Our son gave us the gift card to Vargas, a place that’s totally in his ballpark of places to dine!

As required, we got a little dressed up for the event. What am I talking about, “a little dressed up” is an overstatement for two old beach bums from Crystal Beach. We walked from the hotel, it’s only 4 or 5 blocks and that’s what we like about staying downtown in Galveston.

It took a while to make our dinner selection even though we had studied the menu ahead of time. So many choices especially after we heard the Specials. My husband ended up choosing lamb chops (which he’s never had in his life before). I had lobster and a filet which I couldn’t finish. We let our waiter suggest a Cabernet, of which we ordered a bottle.

Before we ordered dessert, the bottle was already a bit low, so we ordered another. The waiter told us we could take it with us if we didn’t finish.

Dessert was crème brûlée and coffee, the Birthday Boy had a lit candle on his plate, very elegant! No, they didn’t sing Happy Birthday, a bit too upscale for such shenanigans.

We stumbled back to our hotel and fell into our king-sized bed. Snoring came from the Birthday Boy’s side and I watched a few episodes of Friends which is the only thing you can find on TV at the Tremont. I love it, believe it or not, there are a few episodes I haven’t seen.

Breakfast, like we really needed any, was at Waffle House! See what I mean about “extremes?” Our dining experience wasn’t quite what we’re used to for one of our favorite places of non-Covid times. We couldn’t sit at the bar because of the “spacing” issues, so we had to sit at a table. The tables were partitioned off with shower curtains hung from the ceiling. You have to order from the menu on your phone, thank goodness I had my phone with me, even though we both knew what we wanted. The coffee was excellent and so was the company.

Another birthday, another day. But, as always, it’s wonderful to get away even if it’s just for an overnight outing.


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2 Responses to “From One Extreme to the Other”

  1. Linda C Elissalde says:

    PS: I love Waffle House!

  2. Linda C. Elissalde says:

    Happy Birthday to two wonderful people! What a grand way to celebrate! Tell Tom that Vargas Lamb Chops are my favorite meal. May you have many more birthdays to enjoy!


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