God Winks of Crystal Beach

winks_0By Daneen Simon
On February 26, 2015, the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent happened to me! My daughter began her new life in eternity. The pain of losing a child is indescribable, it can only be experienced. From my experience to date, it’s something you never get over. A piece of your heart dies and goes to heaven with your child and you are left here on earth to live with a missing piece that can never be replaced. Your heart will forever ache and you will long for your child until that glorious day when you get to reunite with them heaven.

I have always loved the beach! Laying on a blanket reading a good book but mostly walking and looking for shells, sea-glass, sand dollars and all the other cool things the tide brings in!! My daughter loved the beach also. After she moved out, she didn’t get go to the beach as much as she would have liked, but she went as often as she could. She knew how much I loved the beach and since that tragic day the beach has brought me more peace and comfort than it ever has. Why, because God allows me to feel her presence through little signs that I consider to be God-winks. winks_1The first time I felt her near was March 20th. It had been 22 days since the accident. I hadn’t been out of the house much but I had the urge to go to the beach. We went and ate lunch in our town publicly for the first time that day and went to the beach afterward. As we pulled up I said okay, woman. I need to feel you near. I need a sign. I added a sand dollar would be a cool sign because I haven’t found one in over a year!! When we got out the car I started combing the beach. As soon as my husband got out of the car he walked right up on an almost heart shaped sand dollar. He sat it on the arm rest and then broke it when he rested his arm up there. I was so mad, but I did get a picture of it.

Another time it was game day for the Cowboys. It’s my first football season without her and we love the Cowboys. It was getting closer to time for the game and I began thinking about where she would have been at that very moment. winks_2In my head I said, “I would love to find a red piece of sea glass and wouldn’t be cool if it was shaped like a heart.” I didn’t find a red piece of glass but I did find a piece of sea glass shaped into a heart shortly after that! It could have been a coincidence to some and that’s okay, but to me that’s no coincidence.

I will share one more story with you. My daughter’s accident happened five days after her 22nd birthday. For her birthday, the last tattoo she got was an anchor that said “refuse to sink”. Then she gained her wings and now she’s an angel in heaven. Since that day, anchors have became my new addiction. One day I made an anchor out of shells and then took a picture of it and posted it on her Facebook wall letting her know she’s always in my heart and always on my mind. winks_3Right after I posted the pic I walked up on a nice sized lavender, heart shaped piece of glass. Not only is it her favorite color but very similar to her birthstone. Coincidence to some, but again not to me.

All of these, to me, are signs from God that she is nearer to me than she sometimes seems and even though it’s not the same and not as I would have it, it is was pushes me through my darkest days, and when you lose something so near and dear to your heart, you do what it takes for you to continue on without them being here in body!! You learn to honor them, remember them and continue to make them part of your life just in a different way!! It’s a tough road and you just do what you can. I always always look for God signs of her in all things and everywhere. The beach is just where I feel like she ALWAYS joins me!

Through this trying time, Daneen Simon has found peace and comfort while searching Crystal Beach on her free time for “God winks”. “God Winks” are small signs from God that let you know that he hears you and your loved ones are with you always. MANY of these symbols are shells, rocks, beach glass, etc. that are in perfect heart shaped forms. Some of these objects are just rarities that you don’t typically get to see so perfectly and beautifully placed. She will watch the sunrise and sometimes the sunset whenever her work schedule allows it while healing her heart on the beach.

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2 Responses to “God Winks of Crystal Beach”

  1. Nita Jo Hickman says:

    I know you pain; my loss is our son from a bad surgery. My only salvation that first month was Crystal Beach. Even in the rain and cold, I walked it. and thank goodness for wind chimes, I am the listener and he was the giver of them. Enjoy your beach walks and winks. We all need something.

  2. Carlis cole says:

    This was the most beautiful memorial to ones’ child I have ever read. Sharing your sorrow in such an open and honest way will bring such comfort to so many. Thank you for enriching our lives. In sympathy and respect, Carlis Cole

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