Growing Up

Georgia's Sand BucketBy Georgia Osten
By now, you’d think I’d done it all! There are certain stages of life we’ve all experienced. Remember back when you were going to graduate from high school? You probably thought “wow, what a milestone!” Then, you graduated college – “time to move on to becoming an adult.” Time to get a job, maybe time to get married, is this what is takes to Become an Adult?

You get married and you have a great job, you go through life raising a family and working on one promotion after another. You have a little savings account, you buy a house, have a mortgage, buy a car, have car payments. Then, one day, you may pay them off (if you’re lucky).

At your job, you have benefits, you go to regular doctor’s appointments and your benefits pay year after year. Or you may have a baby and you show them your insurance card and finally the baby comes and you give him or her a name and you have a birth certificate for them. Then, you get them a Social Security number and they become a real functioning person one of these days with a job of their own.

Details – Details!

So, after decades on this planet, after retiring from a really great job with retiree benefits, and a pension and even a 401K, what’s next? Well, I’ll tell you. For some time now, my 401K Plan has been telling me that at a certain time in my life I’d have to begin withdrawing money from the 401K. You can’t continue to leave it in there and let it grow and watch from month to month as it earns money. Oh no, I’m not ready! Too bad, the time has come. With guidance from Fidelity, I finally took the plunge and made the first withdrawal. It didn’t hurt that bad … I say that, but IRS will take their share and that kinda hurts.

So, if you’re going through that sort of thing in your life, or if you’re just planning to graduate college, whatever, just go with the flow and realize it’s just another page in this ol’ “Book of Life.”

Live is Short, Enjoy every minute!


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