Happy 40th Anniversary, Dr. Melanie and Mack Wallace

Wallace_THENBy Linda Elissalde,
He is known as Sign Man, and she is Crystal Beach’s Jane Long. Yet, before that, they were Dr. Melanie and Mack Wallace. The couple have been together for quite a while. They celebrated their 40th anniversary on August 9, 2015. Mack and Melanie love the beach. They made their home in Crystal Beach for 10 years. Now both reside in Fort Worth, Texas. This is partially due to Mack’s job, but mostly due to 4 fine grandbabies. However, the Wallaces still visit their beach house as often as possible.

THEN & NOW: Mack and Dr. Melanie Wallace celebrate their 40th Anniversary

THEN & NOW: Mack and Dr. Melanie Wallace celebrate their 40th Anniversary

Besides rearing 3 boys of their own, this talented couple work and give back to their community in myriad ways. McHenry (Mack) currently works as a mentor to young engineers at Jacobs Engineering in Fort Worth. Mack’s passion is improving energy savings in buildings. This led him to be on the committee which creates energy code for the United States and write and deliver trainings for thousands of engineers around the world. Realizing that developing nations will have the largest impact on energy usage, he has begun work in Vietnam and China. Mack produced a patent-pending software program, WISEWATT, which helps small businesses reduce their energy usage. His latest publication, which describes significant changes in the current code, is used by all trades constructing large buildings in the United States and many foreign countries.

Melanie is not just sitting around cooking, knitting, and sewing while he is busy. Well, she does do all of that, and does it all very well. Dr. Wallace no longer works full time in education, but continues to work with teachers and families of young children. Melanie presents workshops on developmentally appropriate practices, inclusion, literacy and working with infants and toddlers. Melanie’s experience as an educator includes having taught everything from early childhood special education to graduate school. Wallace was instrumental in developing a variety of innovative programs on her elementary campus that are now the norm in education: on-site child care for children of employees and high school students, multi-age grouping, literature-based integrated instruction and ongoing campus study groups.

Melanie has also authored several books. Some of these are used in colleges to train future teachers; some are popular children’s fiction. Autumn will see the release of her commissioned book for Images of America. THE BOLIVAR PENINSULA will appear just in time for our sixth annual JANE LONG FESTIVAL.

These are just a few of Mack and Melanie’s outstanding achievements. However, to most of us, they are our fabulous, fun friends. We have enjoyed traveling with them, sharing delightful evenings together, and sitting on our deck to watch a glowing Crystal Beach sunset.

And so, Mack and Melanie,
We wish you happiness; good things galore,
And may you enjoy 40 years more!

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5 Responses to “Happy 40th Anniversary, Dr. Melanie and Mack Wallace”

  1. Brenda,
    How wonderful to hear from you. The upcoming 2 months are my favorite of the year – when we “have” to be at the beach every week for practice! It has been such fun to get to know you…we do have fun, don’t we?

    I got your email message about the book, and thank you for your interest. They tell me that it will be available on September 21. I got a couple of advance copies last week, and it was thrilling to open that box! Of course, I am a nervous wreck, hoping that I got everything right, but I am well pleased with the result. I am anxious for you to see it.

    Can’t wait for practice next week. Again…it’s my favorite time of the year! (I think the performances are fun, but I LOVE our practices). I’ll see you then.


  2. Jane and Wallace Shook says:

    Congratuations on this significant milestone in your lives from friends from your dim, dark past. It’s good to read about all that you’re doing and we want to get a copy of your new book to enjoy. We regret Hurricane Ike messed up our time at the beach but we treasure our days there and your friendship.

    A word of encouragement from a couple who will celebrate their 68th together tomorrow (Wednesday, 8/26): The first fifty years of marriage are the hardest; the next fifty years are a piece of cake.

    Grace and peace, dear friends.

    Jane and Wallace

    • Dear Friends,
      What a treat to get this note from you! Our Linda did a wonderful job of writing about our 40 years together. You two are often in our thoughts and prayers – as great friends as well as role models in the Christian walk. We love you both and always rejoice when we get to see you. It’s good to know (from those who know…) that the hardest 50 are almost behind us and that we can begin to coast soon:)

      I have received the proof copy of the finished book, and I will say that I am pleased! As soon as I can get my hands on “real” copies, I’ll send one your way!

      Happy Anniversary to you…and many, many more! Love, Mack and Melanie

      • Jane and Wallace Shook says:

        Thank you so much for your kind words. We miss you guys so very much — not much exciting happening our way since we no longer get to the beach. Nor have we had any great laughs since we don’t get to see the latest Off Broadway Productions. Thanks for the memories and thanks for your friendship.

  3. What an incredible couple you are and what wonderful contributions you have made. Of course, I am most amazed at how you, Melanie, have all those Jane Long play lines down so pat and you’re so great on stage too — and, of course, Mack, you are the world’s greatest sign carrier! What folks don’t know is how much time and effort you put in backstage.

    I’m so happy you two came into my life! BrendaBS

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