Happy New Year, Sorta

cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
New Years Eve was so fun. As always it was Debbie, Larry, RR and Me. The evening begins at Landry’s for dinner and a beverage for three of us. You see one of us is a retired HPD officer and is very good at obeying the rules. Thank you! After dinner we have our evening cruise across the channel to home. We always have a toast to the New Year. This year as always I try to come up with something good to work toward and this year is for a healthier year than last.

New Years day was really fun too. Lunch and snacks, and desert and, oh yes, lots and lots of football. Bob and Sherri teamed up on delicious cabbage, ham and black-eyed peas and to-die-for pecan pie. During the afternoon, I said to Sherrie, “I think I am going to come get one pup at a time and walk with them.” She said “great idea, I’ll walk the other.” So we started our plan and time to start. Then she reminded me of the last time we came up with this, she broke her foot. We laughed and carried on with football.

The evening ended with a bag in my hand heading for the car. Right foot slipped on the culvert and down I went. Now you need to know, I have never broken a bone ever in my body. Fine job I did! I slipped on the wet grass and tumbled. It took Bob and RR both to get me up. Another thing you need to know is I was cold sober. In six hours I had two glasses of wine and three bottles of water. When they finally got me to my feet, I let out a scream, never have I ever hurt that bad. Straight up the back of my leg. Finally, they got me in the truck and RR said, “I think we need to go to the emergency room.” I just wanted to go home and go to bed. My wrist was swelling and I could not feel my toes, all this on my right side. I also landed on my face and ribs, they were not happy with me either.

I ruptured my Achilles tendon and fractured bones in my wrist. Until next week when the orthopedic doctors can work me in, I am in a boot and a wrapped wrist. Now the worst part of this is I am not a good patient and I do not do well sitting down. Worse, I cannot ask for assistance well either.

Pray for RR!


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  1. Nancy Bachman says:

    So sorry to hear about your mishap. I hope the doctors get you up and running again!

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