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rollover0By Ed Snyder/Outdoors
Again, a few of our politicians are THINKING for us, the tax paying public. They THINK that we no longer want a place where we can relax and send quality time with our loved ones fishing, crabbing, or just relaxing in the sun enjoying what we all decide for ourselves what to enjoy. They THINK we need to take a vacation from this place (Rollover Pass) while they enclose and destroy our chosen enjoyments that we have enjoyed for the past 60 some years. They THINK we no longer need a fishing pass where we can drive right up, catch a fish, then drive home to enjoy that fish. They THINK that we need a new park as they fill our beloved Rollover with mud and dirt to destroy our History we’ve enjoyed for the past 60 some years. THEY THINK WE ARE’NT ABLE TO THINK FOR OURSELVES!!!


Well, I know what to think, how to think, and how to let them (the GLO) know that WE THE PEOPLE THINK ABOUT THIER FILLING IN OUR BELOVED ROLLOVER TO BUILD WHAT THEY THINK WE REALLY WANT!!!

Go to your Texas Legislator online and address SB2043 (81R). This law was passed base on FALSE information provided by GLO contractors. Your responsibility is to contact your State Representative and Senator to tell them that this Bill needs to be repealed and to pass another Bill to VOID it!!

In this way we can THINK for them to tell them what we really THINK about SB2043 (81R)


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11 Responses to “Help Save Rollover – Help Save Our Lifestyle”

  1. Mike Gentry says:

    We are in the process of building a retirment home here and rollover was one the reasons we decided here versu Aransas. Is this true? Is our so called voice in the government actually going to close the pass? That really makes me think of reconsdering the new build. I am sick of our so called protectors using their position to advance their own personal agenda or the agenda of a more elite group they support. Shore up High Island and make the road more passable at high tides. Jetty the areas to protect against erosion. Damn this pisses me off. Defended this country for twenty years in the Army, supported our troops from the commercial world for twenty more years after retirment and was hoping to retire in a fashion that I felt I earned. Now this. Again this sucks.

  2. Cory lackey says:

    I drive 8 hours to go strictly to roll over. If the pass isn’t there the fishing in crystalbeach won’t be worth a damn. So why go there and spend money instead of Galveston or just go on down to port aransas. I’m sure I’m not the only weekend warrior thinking this way. So what happens to the community. What good does a pier do if there’s no fish? The pass is what draws them there. Without the pass I see no point in fishing.

    I have grown up with fishing tales of rollover from my grandparents and it’s sad that I have finally discovered where this place of legends is located and fallen in love only to find that it will soon disappear….

  3. kew824 says:

    I agree with the ‘jetty’ idea. Think of the beautiful green waters entering the bay for fishing. What the government thinks is best for us is a joke. Look at Houston’s HERO law…a good example of what putting the vote to the public indicates. Houstonians knew what they wanted….and Rollover fishermen know what THEY want. Let’s be real; if the idea is to prevent erosion, build a jetty to prevent shoreline erosion. It doesn’t have to be as long as North Jetty, just out far enough to prevent erosion.

  4. Bob Martin says:

    I’m disabled I need a spot I can drive up with my car and fish ! Can I do this on a fishing pier ? Where are the older folks supposed to go if Roll over is shut down ? I’m a winter Texan and if I can’t fish I’m looking for another state to fish so please reconsider this move

  5. realist says:

    Piers are everywhere! Seawolf Park. 61st Street. Sylvan Beach. Freeport. Go there and be happy and leave Rollover alone! Let us know how many disabled persons and veterans in their wheelchairs dragged all their gear onto the pier.

    And if you think there is no “jobs and joy” in the area, you obviously haven’t seen the hardworking restaurant and business owners there and the happy families bringing in their fish at Rollover. Why don’t you provide a service and open your own business? Presto, instant job!

  6. Bobbey White says:

    I think a nice clean pier would be very nice.

  7. rene trimino says:

    You can not go against progress, the pier marine and other facilites to be built at Rollover Pass, will bring jobs and joy to this region.

  8. Linda C. Elissalde says:

    I agree with Matt and Larry. We want to keep Rollover Pass. Thank you for the information.

    Linda C. Elissalde

    • Matt says:

      Many benefits would come with this:
      This slows beach erosion, it greatly reduces silt flow through the pass, it is an inexpensive fix compared to all other alternatives, it helps towards natural beachfront sand replenishment, it adds more public fishing areas and this keeps open the flow of gulf waters into East Galveston Bay.
      This seems to be the most logical fix available.

  9. Matt Pace says:

    An inexpensive fix for Rollover Pass is to simply add rock groins extending out into the gulf on each side of the pass. Many benefits would come with this.

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