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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
Surgery was last Tuesday, and Friday I met the first of my nurses. Of course, there were questions to answer, and then we started my recovery. Meanie! My nurse is also a physical therapist, otherwise known as a task master! The first day was not too bad, as we started on the left leg, but today, the new therapist really got involved in pain. We worked on the right leg that has a heavy splint on it. The first, not so much meanie, made me do 10 of each exercise, and I have done them in bed and at the table. I thought I was really doing well, silly me. Today’s task master had exercises for the right leg and she wanted 20 per exercise! Meanie! She has been gone for about twenty minutes, and already my shoulders hurt and my fat flabby stomach is really going to talk to me very soon. Man, I am really out of shape. I know I am old, but this is ridiculous, oh well, I guess I should look on the bright side – if I keep this up, I’ll look good in the casket.

When I was in surgery, Dianne and RR decided I should go to Di’s home for recoup. Of course, I had said “no” – all alone. I really did not want to be a burden to the family. When I came out of surgery, and was a very happy person, they discussed this with me – I said “OK.” I have no memory of this … just sayin’. I have to admit, they were right. I left the hospital with a walker, and there is no way I could have even made the first step to our home.

The best part of any of this is the Grandkids. Rene’s son, Jon, and her husband, Josh, came to see me last week and we had a wonderful visit. Jon even stayed for dinner, we had homemade chicken and noodle soup. When we have grandchildren with us, RR and I enjoy telling them about our parents and grandparents. And, of course, some of our shenanigans are included. Yes, you know who you are, and you are in theses stories.

Emily and Matthew are Di’s children who are still at home. They have enjoyed our stories and I hope they remember so they can tell their children.

Remember me writing about asking for patience? Well, I have to sit while everyone else works around me. I need help getting in bed and getting to the bathroom. I am not allowed in the kitchen to help, and I have to keep my mouth shut about cooking. You see, these beautiful people eat very healthy. No bacon grease here.

Have a great week and be kind to everyone.


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