I’m at a loss for words

By Georgia Osten
I recently posted in Facebook “How do you control yourself from correcting posts with grammatical or misspelling errors?” Well, I got some really cool comments. Some were silly like “I read them in my head in Portuguese.” Really? Or “I no wut yu meen! Drivs mi nutz.” One person said, “just keep scrolling.” Or how about “It drives me nuts when people’s misuses they’re apostrophes!” Oh my gosh.

One time, I unfriended someone because of the way she spelled Mardi Gras. I mean really, don’t you read? You would think anyone who reads would have a more better command of the English language. Sorry, I did that on purpose.

Every night at least two shows per night, we watch Family Feud. Steve Harvey always says “somebody may win theirselves a new Ford Fusion. Was it 4th grade when our English teacher drummed it into our heads – There is no such word as theirselves! Also, there’s no such word as hisself. How about “Where are you at?” or just plain ol’ “Where you at?” “Where’s it at?”
“Let me ax you a question.” Nope, never mind, I won’t go there.

Now, one thing my husband and I have noticed and each of us does it from time to time, the word “nuther.” Context, “He was so hungry, he ate a whole nuther plate of spaghetti.” Or, I just looked it up, it could be spelled “nother,” like a contraction of “another.”

I did catch my son in a word buster recently. He sent a picture of he and his wife from their trip to Mexico “Our Fairwell Picture.” I didn’t say anything at the time. You know what? I’m at a loss for words now.

Not really, there are a lot of words I like, like “y’all” and “gonna” and “kinda.” I just have to say I really enjoy reading FB. Like the time someone said “how do you get rid of stanky dog breath?” Answer, “you stop eating dog.” Now, I’m at a loss for words.

Y’all have a really good day and stay safe, Y’hear?

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    Your probly write 🤷🏻‍♀️

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