It’s a Chamber of Commerce Day

By Georgia Osten
I used to love that saying, not so much anymore…Now, my favorite is “It’s a Hallmark Moment.” And, once again, I’m all hung up on Hallmark, they’ve begun their Christmas series you know? It began the other night, when I couldn’t find anything to watch. My husband was staying with The Littles and my skills at TV channels are quite limited.

A cute story to mention about The Littles – first of all PawPaw took a box of “red” jello to prepare for them. I hoped that would remind them about Grandma/Nana since I couldn’t be there. I forgot to ask PawPaw (PP) if he ever made it? Okay, here goes – sometimes PP doesn’t understand what either of the twins (age 3 ½) are saying, and they talk constantly. So, PP will ask big brother Pierce (age 6) to translate for him. So the other day, Fisher told PP something about the juice PP was preparing and, after repeating a couple of times, PP still didn’t understand him. So Fisher turned to his brother and said, “Pierce, tell PawPaw what I’m saying.” Oh my gosh, priceless! They don’t miss a trick!

Anyway, back to me at home by myself. Some time ago, I wrote all the numbers of my favorite stations on a piece of paper and taped them to the inside of one of the kitchen cabinets. Things like Starz, Lifetime, HGTV, and of course, Hallmark. My husband typed instructions for me, even laminated them, things like “how to watch a DVD.” Well, now, he needs to type instructions for Roku and Netflix.

My daughter suggested the cutest series I’m watching now, it’s Hart of Dixie! Such a cute series, just a step more risqué than Hallmark. And, the thing is, I only need to have it on. What I mean is I don’t have to actually be sitting there watching every moment. It’s not like I’m going to miss a whole heck of a lot if I happen to go empty the washing machine or go put clean sheets on the bed. It’s not like House of Cards where you have to hang on every word. I mean, you never know when Francis is going to push someone onto the train track in the subway. And, you never know who Claire is going to fall into bed with next (right in front of Francis).

Anyway, it’s the cutest Hart of Dixie. My youngest daughter has already watched it, obviously, she’s already into Season 4. My oldest daughter suggested it. She, secretly, told me her nephew loves it and she’s caught her husband watching it a few times. Don’t tell anyone, but I think my husband likes it as well, I caught him stopping in front of the TV several times this weekend.

Recommended next is Sweet Magnolias and Virgin River on Hulu.

Of course, I’ll come back to Hallmark between episodes, it’s so easy to figure out who’s going to end up with who. Besides, it puts me in the mood for the holidays. Christmas, my most favorite holiday ever!


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