Miss Bee’s Bolivar Buzz

By Shannon Williams
The old saying goes, they call it “Fishing” not “catching.” But guess what? I went catching and boy did we catch!!! I am not a fisherman (or a fisher woman) but I am married to a fine fisherman. We had wanted to plan a little get away as we had not been on a trip in well over a year. My husband set up the entire trip (right down to my spa reservation!) So, last Monday, off we went. I had just returned from the West Coast, but we got it all together. The car was packed to the limit and I drive a SUV!! I knew only what I had read on the internet about our destination, so I was wide open and ready for fun and relaxing. We were joined by my husband’s college roommate and his wife, who met us at the Lake, as there was no room in the car! LOL.

So, we headed east, by the back road, of course, our destination was Toledo Bend Lake in Many Louisiana. The lake is just huge and is in both Texas and Louisiana. It is just such a pretty drive, pine trees, small lakes and rivers on the way. Paul had booked us into Cypress Bend Resort which is right on the Lake. It has a golf course, spa and was just lovely. It has been there for many years, but had lovely gardens and grounds and staff that were attentive to us!! The area is so much fun, we found a couple of gems to have dinner each night we were there, and the food did not disappoint any of us. We had fish, steaks, lots of appetizers of every shape and size (most fried) and of course there was lots of cold beer to be had!

We were up early Tuesday to meet our guide for the day. We loaded on to a pontoon boat and off we went. The lake was just so big and so green. We felt like we were out there all alone, as there was not much boat traffic. We were on the fish in no time. The goal for the day was to catch crappie. Small minnows were used for our bait and a crappie pole which was very light weight was our weapon to defeat the fish! We were on the fish in no time and I mean on the fish. Four of us caught 90 fish. The limit was 25 per person, so we were right on target.

The bite is very slight and I could not tell when they had hit, but the guide was good and was right by my side helping. I do have to say that I did catch the biggest one of the day at 2.3 pounds!! OK, me and the guide caught it, but I was involved!!! I have always enjoyed being on a pontoon boat as I can lay out and read, which I had planned to do. The book never got opened! The fishing was so much fun, that when I wanted a break, I just sat back and enjoyed the beauty of the Lake, the sky, the birds and the trees. It was such a fine way to get away and to relax!! I spent about an hour just talking to God about my life and all the beauty around me and how grateful I was for all that I had in my life.

Well we were dog tired, but followed the guide to a house on the Lake where he cleaned all the fish and more beer was consumed and fish tales were told. Dinner that night was non stop talk of how much fun we had. I know we all slept so well that night as all was right with our souls and with the universe as far as we were concerned.

Wednesday, I was supposed to get up early and ride along on a round of golf for a little bit before I headed to the spa, but I took the morning just to sleep and relax. Paul and the other two played 18 holes on a wonderful course with way too many water traps. I understand that balls were lost and clubs were thrown, but they were still all smiling and laughing about the day. I headed into Natchitoches, Louisiana for my spa day. The resort had a spa, but it was closed due to damage from the cold weather. Natchitoches was a delightful city. I love crawfish pies and never get to have them, but lo and behold, I stumbled on to one of the places famous for them. I had one fresh out of the fryer and it did not disappoint. Then it was off to shop, again by accident I stumbled upon not one but two kitchen shops!! One of those was the oldest hardware store in Louisiana!! Oh, the kitchen stuff and old toys and such was unreal. Needles to say I had several bags to add to the car for the trip home.

Our Friends had to return home to Houston that day, so Paul and I had a very quiet dinner at the resort overlooking the lake and golf course. Another night of good sleep and we were headed home, both of us more relaxed and a smile on our face, that was not there on Monday am. We cooked some of the fish this weekend and boy were they good. I might have to plan another trip in the fall, if only for us to drive though FRED, TEXAS again !!


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