A very special person

By Addyson Moad (age 12)
There is this very special person that made all of us who we are right now. We call her Mother. She is the person who gives you a place to call home, the person who kisses you goodnight, and the person who is always there for you when you need her. Mothers take care of us more than they take care of themselves. We should appreciate them more than anyone else, and this day is the one day every year that we celebrate our Mothers and what they do for us. Think of a time when you fell on the ground, who was there to help get you on your feet? Your mom. She would carry you inside, sit you on the counter, get a wet paper towel and clean your scrape. You would start to cry because it would hurt, but your mom would tell you that it is going to be okay and then she would kiss you on the forehead. After that, she would put a smiley face Band-Aid on your hurt and tell you to go back and play.

It feels good to have a special person in your life to do that for you. Mothers are the ones who made us who we are today. If your mom never told you to go back out there and play, then you would never know that if you get knocked down, then you get back up. If your mom never came running to you after you had a bad dream, then you would never know that it is okay to be scared, you just have to think of something that makes you happy. Mothers are the glue that holds all of us together. Never forget them or the things that they have done for you because they will never forget. They will hold those memories in their hearts and they will stay there forever, those memories will never go away. So make sure that you tell your mom how much you appreciate her and all of the things that they have done for you. They are your best friends.


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  1. Linda C Elissalde says:

    Dear Addyson,

    You are certainly a gifted writer. Thank you for this fine piece honoring mothers and reminding us to thank them for all they have done.


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