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Brenda Cannon HenleyBy Brenda Cannon Henley
Happy New Year to each of our readers and their families. May we all experience a sense of energy and renewal as we embark on a new 12 months of life, activity, and making memories that affect not only us, but everyone in our circles of life. I challenge each of you to take the time to think hard, pray, and come up with one or two words at most to claim as your personal goal for the coming 12 months. Make it your “catch phrase” if you will, to remind yourselves and others of your personal goals and plans for the year.

I urge to think about it carefully, and once you have claimed your word, write it down on little note cards. Post them where you will continually see them as you take part in daily activities. I have one that will go on my bathroom mirror, in front of my kitchen sink, one for the car, and one beside my front door so that as I leave my home, I will be reminded of my personal goal.

I have not etched mine in stone yet, and I am still thinking, but I am leaning toward “Evaluate.” The idea came to me as I was reading an article concerning time management and how important it is (especially at my age) to only invest valuable hours in things that really matter for eternity’s sake.

My second reason for my preference in choosing “evaluate” is that I want to do a better job in not letting little things or little, smallminded people waste my time. I want to look over a situation and decide quickly if I should simply let the matter go and move on, or get involved and try to help.

We all know we cannot do everything to calm, repair, or mend certain situations, but there are times where we can certainly help. I want to be wise, personally, in evaluating the case in each incident and choosing quickly what I should do or not do. I do not plan to spend half of a day or longer only to decide to walk away and leave the matter. Some of us habitually allow some one or some thing to take up way too much time in our hearts and minds. I am sure Satan laughs at our quandary and our waste of time.

There are a couple of things and people that seem to cause my cockles to rise quickly. I want to be able to quickly move on and not waste valuable time over something that won’t matter in one month, or one year, or in 50 years. How silly or annoying one person is, what they have to say, or who believes it, is really not my concern.

An example is that I have one friend that talks all the time, over and around others, loudly, and projects the thought that she knows more, has done more, and is better at many things. Her self praise is boundless. Having known her nearly 20 years, I realize she is very needy personally, has low self esteem, and is simply trying to get and keep attention.

I drew the line when she quoted my children back to me. I knew some of the statements she made as truth, simply were not. I quietly met with her and asked her why she felt the need to publicly overdo her involvement and start rumors that were not beneficial to anyone.

We had a good talk and both learned things about each other and life in general. I will not have to dedicate as much time to evaluating her responses and reactions in the future.

I want very much to become a better “evaluator” in the coming days. I believe my reminder word will help me.

What one or two words will you choose for 2022? I would like very much for you to make the decision to think about choosing a personal word and sharing it with us.

Happy 2022 and may God bless us all.

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