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cbyusBy Charlotte Byus
The book says, while these words all sound the same and, in some cases are spelled the same, it’s important to use patients vs. patience properly in our writing to maintain clarity. Patience is a noun and is a human character trait. Its adjective form is patient. A patient refers to someone who is receiving medical care.

I am not very good at either one! Ask poor RR. Good thing that man loves me to the moon and back or he might have run out the door screaming! Or sent me out the door!

As I reported earlier, all I asked for on New Years Eve was better health for this year.

Now, with that said, something I have been asking to receive for the last few months is Patience. Every time I say “Hello Lord,” I ask him to lead me down the path to accept things as they are. It is not my job to fix everything, do all jobs, and some I cannot, but try anyway. Of course, I get mad at myself afterward when I have tried to do too many things that I am JUST TOO OLD to even try. But I keep going, and then I say a little prayer, “Hello Lord.” Apparently, I have not been listening when He was trying to assist me in this endeavor. Sometimes, I guess you need to hit me in the head or foot to get my attention. And both of those happened.

Now I have plenty of time to work on this Noun! As I will be a patient for several months, and I know I am not going to like this at all!

Once again, Pray for RR.


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