Rollover Pass Report, July 6 thru July 12, 2015

By Ed Snyder/Outdoors
Night-Time is fast becoming the Right Time for speck fishing as the growl of generators light up the sky marking the pass for those who enjoy. Day Time activity has been paying off for trout and flounder anglers as well. Croaker are moving into the pass for you croaker fanciers, but are mostly hand-sized fish. Drum are still an active item as well as whiting. Skipjack are starting to move in now so the Smacks (spanish mackerel) won’t be far behind- The sand trout haven’t really arrived in numbers yet but should soon. SUMMER is upon us now folks so enjoy it while it’s here.

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Speckled Trout
EXCELLENT to SO-SO action all week near the bridge for the night-shift and the day-shift anglers. The action is beginning to spill over into the bay-side of the cut.
(Limit: 15 inch minimum for 10 trout with only one 25 inch trout per day allowed as part of your daily limit)

Redfish (Red Drum)
A few slots and bulls beginning to show.
(Limit: 20 inch minimum to 28 inch maximum for 3 reds per day – one over 28 inch red -plus bonus red- allowed when properly tagged in addition to your 3 fish limit)

Black Drum
Steady drum action.
(Limit: 14 inch minimum to 30 inch maximum for 5 fish per day with one OVER 52 inches allowed)

Slow and fast- slow and fast- KRAZY.
(Limit: 14 inch minimum for 5 fish per day limit)

(Limit: 15 inch minimum with 5 per day Creel)

Gafftop Catfish
(Limit: 14 inch minimum for no limit creel)

Croaker HOT- Whiting good but slow.
(No Limits)

Not yet.
(No Limits)

Surf Anglers beginning to land a few shark from 3 to 6 ft.

Blue Claw Crab
Plenty of claws in the cut.
(Limit: 5 inches between points with no berry crabs (females with eggs) allowed)

Stone Crabs
Active near bridge.
(Limit: only right claw may be kept when 2-1/2 inches above first Knuckle)

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Tides for Rollover Pass, East Bay TX starting July 14, 2015.

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