By Georgia Osten
It’s got its own language, I don’t happen to speak it, but it’s just about as interesting as a Waffle House. You know, “hash browns scattered.” So, we went to a Starbucks the other morning after our “date night.” We went to the one on Harbor Side in Galveston. This “date night,” we stayed at the Galvez, just for a change, and we walked to Miller’s for dinner. Okay, “Been there, done that.” We can’t help it, we missed the Tremont and being downtown on the Strand.

But I must admit, Happy Hour at the Galvez was something to behold. We sat down at the bar and I asked the bartender what she would recommend in the way of martinis. She began describing her “newly found specialty” – Cucumber Martinis! Well, those happen to be my favorite ever! She had me at muddled.

Dinner was delish, but the peach cobbler for dessert hit the High Striker!

Anyway, back to Starbucks! I don’t care what neighborhood Starbucks you frequent, there’s always a following. The Barista knows everyone who comes in, greets them day after day, knows what “tall whatever” or “grande concoction” they drink. My favorite is a Flat White, but I’m not sure what size is what? Is the medium a grande or a tall? Geez, I’m not sure. So, I just point.

Later in the day, I happened to be in the Kroger in League City, it’s brand new and of course, they have a Starbucks. Feeling a bit sluggish from Ti Many Martoonies the night before, I decided I needed another Flat White. The Barista asked if I wanted an extra shot of ristretto?, telling me she’d just be throwing it out if I didn’t. So, of course, I said “yes.”

Then, I found out Flat Whites have more shots of espresso than anything else. Wow, KICKER!

Just have to throw this in – my oldest grandson happens to be a new Barista in Kemah. It helps to know (and be related to) people in high places!



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